Discover two of Pepe Soho´s works awarded at the prestigious World Photographic Cup.


In 2017, the image of Pepe Soho “Believe”, taken in Chile, won the first place in the World Cup of Photography, in Yokohama Japan, awarding the gold medal for his image “Believe” in a contest where 26 countries participate from 4 different continents, making it the most important photography contest in the world at the present time.
“I am 46 years old. I found photography at 40. By 45 I won, with this image, the World Cup. Don’t let anyone, not even yourself, tell you you’re too old to discover what you love! I titled this image Believe because it doesn’t matter that the stair is far away form the mountain. As in life, as in this picture, everything is relative. I am convinced that if you believe in what you do, even the furthest mountain is at reach.”


His work “Zen”, filmed in Mozambique, won the fourth place in the category of Nature (Landscape and Wildlife) in the World Photographic Cup in 2016.
“I passed besides this log on a beach in Mozambique daily for a week. As I came to peace with the fact that I wasn’t going to find a good landscape, I sat in front of the log with my camera and tripod an said: “You are not the greatest log and I am not the greatest photographer, but I am sure that we can accomplish something together.” And just like that, the tide began to grow, surround the log and reflected a perfect sunset.”



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