Pepe Soho was born in Mexico City and from an early age showed artistic sensibility and a very active mind.

After several years of studying music, he performed his skills as a drummer in renowned venues in Los Angeles and Mexico City. He then changed his focus to design, giving birth to the clothing brand SOHO, which became a fashion icon for two decades. Later he switched gears again and entered the business world of entertainment with his famous nightclub LOVE.

This long and arduous professional path proved physically and emotionally taxing, leading him to the decision to travel to India in search for the peace he felt he’d lost. Unfortunately, while riding a horse during this trip, he suffered a substantial accident, which marked the start of a somber phase in his life. After three years of seeing his health deteriorate, he lost his joy to live.

Amidst this terrible depression, he bought a pocket camera and began to photograph the Chapultepec park in the company of his dog. Months later, he enrolled in a school of photography in Mexico City, which eventually led him to further his studies in New York’s ICP. Concluding his studies, he decided to put his knowledge into practice and set off on a three-year journey around the world, thus beginning what would be his stage of personal reconstruction.

Pepe Soho describes his photographs as a love-letter to nature; through her he succeeded in healing his life, so that he can now pay her constant homage.

Pepe Soho’s work has been acquired into art collections in Mexico, Spain, Germany, England, U.S.A., Canada and many other countries.

Acknowledged as one of Mexico’s most important contemporary photographers, Pepe Soho was honored at the 2017 World Photographic Cup (WPC) in Yokohama, Japan, where he won the gold medal for his photo Believe.

That same year, the José Luis Cuevas Museum opened its doors to display Believe, an exhibition that brings together the best of his work.

A year later, he exhibited Vida at the open-air art gallery on the fences of Chapultepec Forest, considered one of the most emblematic cultural corridors in Mexico City.

In 2019 Pepe Soho was invited to give a conference at La Ciudad de las Ideas (Puebla), where he captivated the public with one of the most emotional speeches ever delivered.

In 2021, the Mystika Museum (Tulum, Quintana Roo) opens, a complex of immersive installations where Pepe Soho shows the beauty of Mexican sanctuaries and points out the importance of reestablishing our ancestral bond with nature.

A few months after the inauguration, he is invited to take the Mystika Museum facilities to Expo Dubai 2020 in the United Arab Emirates, which represents an excellent opportunity for countries to show their culture and traditions.

Today his vision is to transport the beauty of the Mexican landscape to the rest of the world.


Mexican photographer, multimedia creator, recognized as one of the most important contemporary artists in his country. He himself conceives his work as a spiritual work loaded with intentionality that transcends technique to have a healing impact on the viewer.

As a visual artist, Pepe Soho is inspired by the natural and cultural richness of Mexico, which he recreates with incredible landscape interventions that take us to a higher level of introspection.

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