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Antartica . 2013

After studying photography in Mexico City and New York, I wasn’t sure about which style to pursue so I decided to take a an expedition trip to Antarctica. I spent days tied to a bed due of the violent sea. I would constantly think to myself: ‘What am I doing here’. By fourth day a total sense of tranquility came about and there was my answer! By dawn I left the cabin and found a beautiful continent made of ice, still intact from human influence. Time stopped completely. I couldn’t believe the time I had wasted in my life without admiring nature marvels. That was the exact moment that I knew that I would dedicate the rest of my life to honor nature.

I spent years imagining about photographing Las Nubes falls in Chiapas. When I arrived and started taking the pictures at sunset, hundreds of Swallows arrived and others lefts the falls. Apparently, they nest there in spring. Those are surprises one never expects to see and which leave you with wanting to spend more time watching the magic nature has to offer.

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