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Cozumel, Quintana Roo. México. 2017

Photography was not the first thing that I tried to get over depression. I tried painting but it didn’t work for me. Later on I tried sculpture and I felt it wasn’t for me. I tried cycling but it felt the same. At the end I gave photography a chance. My goal was to exchange my negative thought for creative ideas. Little by little, the light, the colors, the clouds, the trees, the stars, and nature in general, started to occupy the place of negative thoughts. I realized I had a very creative mind that can turn into something very destructive if not used in the right way. Yoga and meditation have been very useful as well but if I am not creating, my mind turns against me. I think that everyone with a hyperactive mind must find a hobby or something to do besides a job. We need something to lift our spirits and give a healthy exit to our madness. It doesn’t matter if we are extremely good at it, the important thing is that it uplifts our soul. I took me 40 years to find photography. My search had a sense of urgency but it finally came. I really encourage you to find your passion and ease some of life’s events. I still have my issues but photography saves me.

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