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Santuario de las Luciérnagas, Tlaxcala. México. 2018

I am always at awe at the thought that a superior force is constantly creating these visual spectacles without asking something in return. And to know that we are able to enjoy them with nothing more than a visual sense (created by the same force) as sophisticated as our eyes. The more time one spends in nature, the more one realizes that life is a miracle, something dive with no explanation. In the movie Avatar, there is a deity called Eywa who is in charge of keeping life and nature in a perfect balance. I titled this picture after such deity because when you find yourself in the presence of the perfect dance of the fireflies in the mountains on Nanacamila in Tlaxcala, you have the feeling of watching the workings of Eywa, inside a work of art constantly created by god. And there is no other thing to do than receive it, feel privileged and grateful.

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