- The artist -


Pepe Soho was born in Mexico City, and from an early age demonstrated artistic sensibility and a very active mind.

After years of studying music, he performed as a renowned drummer in important venues in Los Angeles and Mexico City. He later changed his focus to design and gave birth to the clothing brand SOHO, which became a fashion icon for two decades. He then switched gears again and entered the entertainment business medium with his famous nightclub LOVE.

This long and arduous professional path proved physically and emotionally taxing, leading him to the decision to travel to India in search for the peace he felt he’d lost. Unfortunately, while riding a horse during this trip, he suffered a substantial accident, which marked the start of a somber phase in his life. After three years of seeing his health deteriorate, he lost his joy to live.

Amidst this terrible depression, he acquired a pocket camera and began to photograph in Chapultepec park in the company of his dog. Months later, he enrolled in a school of photography in Mexico City, which eventually led him to further his studies in New York’s ICP.

Concluding his studies, he decided to put his knowledge into practice and set off on a three-year journey through a large part of our world, in over twenty countries in four continents.

Pepe Soho describes his photographs as a love-letter to nature; through her he succeeded in healing his life, so that he can now pay her constant homage.

Pepe Soho’s work has been acquired into art collections in Mexico, Spain, Germany, The United States, Canada, and many other countries.

Acknowledged as one of Mexico’s most important contemporary photographers, Pepe Soho was honored at the 2017 World Photographic Cup (WPC) in Yokohama, Japan, where he was awarded the gold medal for his picture “Believe” in a competition encompassing 26 countries from 4 different continents, presently making it the most important international photographic contest. Today, his vision is to transport the beauty of Mexico’s landscapes to the rest of the world.